Last week, the 22nd UIS School was launched in a spectacular setting at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), which generously offered its facilities to BAMI-I at no cost, underscoring a significant commitment to promoting the growth of utility infrastructure education. The event was made notably successful thanks to the exceptional efforts of Rosa León, Hazel Zepeda, and Paul Fierro, who ensured that participants could smoothly access and utilize the TxDOT facilities.

The instructors and guest speakers, recognized for their dedication and expertise, created an engaging atmosphere that sparked enthusiasm for utility management among attendees. The curriculum delved into critical subjects for project owners, designers, and contractors, exploring the latest developments in geophysics and utility investigation tools. The active involvement of all attendees contributed to the depth and significance of the discussions. TxDOT distinguished itself by demonstrating innovative management and operational excellence, setting a new benchmark for creativity and efficiency in the field.

Pointman, 4M, and Bad Elf, as sponsors of the event, were also acknowledged for their considerable support, which introduced highly valuable, cutting-edge content into the curriculum, enhancing the learning experience.

A highlight of the event was the addition of Smith Rangel to the BAMI-I team, whose new insights and expertise significantly enriched the educational experience for all participants.

The anticipation for future sessions is high, with promises of more innovation, collaboration, and enlightening experiences, setting a forward-looking tone for the continuation of the UIS School series.