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Join BAMI-I: Build Your Career and Impact the  Buried Asset Management industry

Unlock unparalleled access to a community dedicated to the advancement, safety, and sustainability of buried asset management worldwide.
The Buried Asset Management Institute-International (BAMI-I) is your gateway to a network of professionals, cutting-edge resources, and exclusive benefits designed to enhance your expertise and influence in the industry.


Transformative Benefits for Members

Enhanced Safety

Dive into a pool of best practices and innovative technologies to significantly reduce accidents and environmental harm.

Increased Efficiency

Leverage improved stakeholder communication and coordination, leading to remarkable cost savings and service enhancements.

Sustainability Leadership

Champion sustainable management practices that extend asset lifespans and minimize environmental impact.

 Exclusive Membership Advantages

Robust Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers, industry leaders, and innovators at the forefront of buried asset management.

Premier Resource Access

Gain entry to a wealth of industry-specific resources, including research reports, training materials, and expert analyses.

Professional Development

Engage in CTAM training courses (both online and in-person), UNITRACC trenchless technology training, and Utility Investigation School training, among others, with member-exclusive discounts.

Brand Amplification

Enhance your organization’s visibility and reputation through our platforms, events, and publications.

Priority Event Access

Enjoy member-only rates and access to premier events like the BAMI-I Global Buried Asset Management Congress.

Career Advancement

Attract and retain top talent by aligning with BAMI-I’s esteemed community and resources.

 Membership Tiers & Fees

Select the Membership That Best Suits You

    BAMI-I is not just an association; it’s a movement towards safer, more efficient, and sustainable management of buried assets around the world



    $189 annually

    Ideal for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and network.



    $10 annually

    For the next generation of leaders, offering unparalleled learning opportunities at an accessible rate.

    Corporate Membership

    (less than 10 employees)

    $950 annually

    Corporate Membership

    (10 or more employees)

    $1,500 annually

    (includes 6 employees + $89 for each additional person)

    Tailored for organizations committed to leading in buried asset management practices.

    Non-Profit Organization Membership

    $350 annually

    Special pricing to support non-profits in advancing their asset management capabilities.

    Trade Association Membership

    $2,500 annually

    For associations looking to leverage industry insights and network expansion.

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