The Global Buried Asset Management Congress (GBAMC) has quickly established itself as a pivotal event in the asset management industry, providing a platform for professionals to share insights, innovations, and best practices. This congress facilitates vital discussions on the challenges and opportunities facing water asset management, driving the industry forward. Building on the achievements of the inaugural event, BAMI-I, in partnership with Purdue Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) and Southwest Environmental Financial Center (SWEFC), is excited to announce the second GBAMC, scheduled for November 14-16, 2024, in Indianapolis. This upcoming event aims to continue the tradition of fostering collaboration and advancement within the global asset management community.

At the 2023 GBAMC, a plethora of insights emerged from expert presentations, panel discussions, and think-tank interactions. Figures like Heather Himmelberger and George Hawkins underscored the need for hands-on, data-oriented strategies in managing water assets. Ross Waugh, John Norton, and others delved into community engagement, technological innovation, and sustainable practices across various sectors. The topics covered by other speakers encompass various aspects of water asset management, with an emphasis on buried asset management.

Building on this momentum, testimonials reflect the congress’s success in fostering educational and networking avenues.

“When I arrived at the congress, the perceived authority held true. I was surrounded by some of the industry leaders in asset management. The other GBAMC attendees and speakers instantly took me in as a colleague and talked to me as if they had known me for years. Everyone revealed through conversation that they all knew each other, whether it was working on projects together, previously sharing insights with each other for years, or just simply becoming friends through the industry. It was at this moment that I knew I had found the core of buried asset management.” Said by Boston Snyder, a asset manager from City of Goshen.

Oluwatobi Seun Osilaja, a young student at Purdue, said:  Attending the Buried Asset Management Institute International (BAMI-I) 2023 Congress in Chicago was an extraordinary privilege, and I can’t help but describe it as a truly enlightening experience. The keynote speaker’s message on how aging infrastructures like water/wastewater utilities might be hidden from view but still have stories to tell, resonated deeply with me.”

These reflections not only underline the event’s role in bridging knowledge gaps and connecting professionals but also highlight the growing anticipation and positive influence on the asset management community, setting a precedent for the richness of future congresses in both content and professional growth.

Feedback from the inaugural congress has shaped a three-day agenda brimming with keynotes, panel discussions, exhibitions, and various learning and networking opportunities in the 2nd GBAMC. This year, GBAMC continues to delve into the expansive field of buried asset management, specifically honing in on asset management within the water and wastewater industry under the theme “New Horizon in Buried Asset Management.” The congress will introduce significant initiatives like the Braindrip & IQ4H2 Scholarship Program for selected submissions and awards to honor major contributions in the buried asset management industry.

GBAMC’s thought leaders will not only inspire but also offer detailed insights into the development and implementation of a comprehensive water and wastewater asset management program. It will emphasize the legislative trends across the United States, reflecting the impact of the evolving legal environment on the water asset management industry. Congress is committed to contributing to legislative improvements, underscoring its support for positively shaping the legal framework of the industry. Additional topics will include regulation compliance, risk management, financial planning and management, asset inventory management, condition assessment, maintenance and renewal strategies and solutions, emerging technologies and innovative solutions, capital planning, and project management. The congress encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the advancement of industry practices, attracting a broad audience from seasoned professionals to newcomers and students, making it an essential event for anyone looking to impact the infrastructure asset management field.

GBAMC strives to transform professionals into pioneers. To get involved, register, or contribute to the upcoming GBAMC, interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to participate in the open call for papers, showcasing their expertise and innovations in asset management. Early bird registration incentives and group discounts are available to facilitate broader participation. Additionally, the congress offers unique sponsorship opportunities, ranging from general to special event sponsorships, providing a platform for sponsors to enhance their visibility and engagement with industry professionals. We warmly invite potential participants and sponsors to join us in making the 2nd GBAMC a hub of knowledge sharing and collaboration, making it a revolutionary event.

BAMI-I remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing asset management practices, aiming to leverage the momentum from the first GBAMC to elevate the 2024 GBAMC. By incorporating feedback, introducing cutting-edge topics, and expanding interactive formats, BAMI-I is dedicated to fostering a more engaging and impactful experience in the second GBAMC. This approach not only reflects the organization’s dedication to the field of asset management, but also its aspiration to cultivate a future where asset management is more integrated, innovative, and inclusive on a global scale.

For more information about the congress, contact Wei Liao at [email protected]