BAMI-I is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and membership fees provide its basic source of income. Maintaining active memberships is essential for BAMI-I to keep fulfilling its mission.
Per BAMI-I ByLaws, all Board Members must maintain active membership. Anyone taking CTAM courses is encouraged to join BAMI-I.

There are many key reasons why BAMI-I is needed right now. Some of the most important reasons include:

  • The increasing number and complexity of buried assets. The world is becoming increasingly urbanized, and with that comes an increase in the number and complexity of buried assets. This makes it more difficult to manage these assets safely and efficiently.
  • The aging infrastructure. Much of the world’s infrastructure is aging, and this includes buried assets. Aging assets are more likely to fail, which can lead to costly repairs or even disasters.
  • The growing awareness of the risks associated with buried assets. The public is becoming more aware of the risks associated with buried assets, such as damage to property, injuries, and environmental pollution. This increased awareness is putting pressure on governments and businesses to improve the management of buried assets.

BAMI-I can help to address all of these challenges. By bringing together stakeholders from all sectors, an association can help to develop and implement best practices for buried asset management. It can also raise awareness of the importance of buried asset management and advocate for policies that support the safe and efficient management of buried assets.

Here are some specific benefits that BAMI-I could provide:

  • Improved safety: By sharing best practices and developing new technologies, an association can help to improve the safety of buried asset management. This could lead to a reduction in accidents, injuries, and environmental damage.
  • Increased efficiency: By improving communication and coordination between stakeholders, an association can help to improve the efficiency of buried asset management. This could lead to cost savings and improved service levels.
  • Enhanced sustainability: By promoting the use of sustainable practices, an association can help to improve the sustainability of buried asset management. This could lead to a reduction in environmental impact and a longer lifespan for buried assets.

Overall, BAMI-I can play a vital role in improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of buried asset management around the world.

Benefits of individual/corporate membership.

  • Networking opportunities.
  • Access to resources and information:  industry-specific resources and information, such as research reports, training materials, and expert insights. 
  • Employee engagement.
  • Discounts and special offers: We offer members discounts on products and services, so far, we have CTAM training course (online and in person) and UNITRACC trenchless technology training course and , Utility investigation School training course, and we will offer more in the future. 
  • Branding and reputation: online, at events and in various publications.
  • Access to exclusive events: We offer exclusive member-only exhibitor rates at BMII-I Global Buried Asset Management Congress (the first Congress will be held in October 2023 in Chicago).  
  • Hire and keep the best professionals. 
  • And more.

Membership fee (USD):

Individual members – $189.00 per year
• Organization, includes 6 employees. $89 each additional person:
◦ Corporate Members:
▪ Less than 10 employees – $950.00 per year
▪ 10 or more employees – $1,500.00 per year
◦ Non-profit Organizations – $350.00 per year
◦ Trade Association Members – $2,500.00 per year
Student Members – $10.00 per year

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