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Thank you for your interest in hosting a CTAM workshop! BAMI-I is happy to organize workshops in communities that can benefit from the CTAM courses. Here is some information about the process of setting up a workshop.


The first thing to consider is the duration of the workshop you would like to host. Maybe you would like to have a full four-day workshop offering the attendees all four CTAM courses. Or maybe you would like to start with shorter, one or two-day workshop introducing CTAM 100 and 200, and have the remaining CTAM courses at later date. There are different possibilities and the first step is to decide what will work best for professionals in your community.


The cost of workshop per person and the continuing education units earned depend on workshop duration and program.

You and your collaborators decide how much of the cost you want to be covered through registration fees and how much the hosting community wants to sponsor. Then we set the registration fees based on that information. We will collect the fees through online registering and after the workshop is over send an invoice for balance that was not covered by registration fees.

The minimal number of participants is 40. If less than 40 participants register, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop. Back to Top


It is up to you to propose date for the workshop. It is important to plan well ahead allowing participants plenty of time to build attendance into their schedules. You should also carefully consider what might be happening in your area that might draw away potential participants. Once you decide on a date, we would check the availability of our instructors.

Preferably you can provide a free meeting room for the workshop or help us identify a suitable space in a local community center, public library or hotel. Accessibility and parking: The room should be at location where people from multiple utilities and organizations can easily drive to and find parking. Capacity: ┬čThe room capacity should be 40-60 people or more. Equipment: The meeting room should have A/V equipment in good working condition (screen and projector, mic and speakers).

If a workshop is organized in conjunction with a conference, it will take place in venue used by the conference. Back to Top


We will list the workshop on our website and share it with our network through social media. We will send out email invitations to professionals in our database. You could help us identify additional attendees to include on our email invitations. It is helpful to note that many people who attend workshops do so on a personal recommendation of someone they know. So the important publicity work you and your collaborators can do will be conversations and personal correspondence with colleagues who you think might be interested in attending. Back to Top


Once you have had a chance to review this information and discuss with your colleagues, the next step in starting the process of planning is to contact Dr. Tom Iseley , 404-386-5667.Back to Top